We have more NEW delightfully dark products just for YOU!

Once again, we've been busy expanding our line of products. We are very excited to tell you about! Now we can offer you EVEN MORE dark delights to Goth up your home, not to mention some great Goth on the Go items. Check it out...

  • Placemats - Dress up your dining table for a holiday or dinner party with our original art design of a silhouette raven perched on a Burtonesque style branch with a 'Harlequin' print. This design can be customized by changing the background color to match your decor. They are 100% woven cotton measure 20"x14".

Light Switch Cover - Double - Wonderland Floor in Turquoise by Dark Decor
  • Cloth Napkins - Cloth Napkins (set of 4) dinner 20" x 20" Great for everything from parties to seasonal events, to everyday use. Our 100% cotton napkins are the perfect finishing touch. This design can be customized by changing the background color to match your decor. Printed with vibrancy and accuracy and with both cocktail and dinner sized covered, you’re sure to find a set of napkins that will “wow" your guests. After all, you are the hostess-with-the-mostest.

  • Serving Trays - Serving your guest with our original Wonderland floor design serving tray will make any tea party fun...fun...fun! Printed in full color, the serving tray comes in two sizes with a black or natural wood finish. Small - 14.5" w x 10" l x 2.125" d and large - 19"w x 14"l x 2.625"d

  • Coasters - Now in your choice of Glass or Acrylic - Top your tables with beautiful glass coasters perfect for your cold or hot drinks with our original 'Leave' design glass coasters - available in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter designs. Made with 100% glass, these coasters can also serve as a trivet for your smaller pots and pans to keep your counter free from scratches.

Or try our Coaster Sets made with high-gloss acrylic and a non-skid cork backing, perfect for hot and cold drinks.

  • Doormats - Greet those pesky solicitors with our original art design door mat 'LEAVE'. Non-slip rubber that won't crack or buckle, this mat resists fading, mold, and mildew and can be easily cleaned with a hose. This beautiful floor mat is an excellent addition to any home. Dimension: 24"w x 36"

Pet Beds - Wonderland Floor in Grey by Dark Decors