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Halloween Room Design 2017 Dark Decors

We have all NEW Halloween designs and a few best sellers to help you transform your home into a stylish haunt!

Table Lamp - Sitting Raven

Sitting Raven - Table Lamp

This new design was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's 'Nevermore'. Our original mixed media art and photography design will make a beautifully dramatic illumination for any room in your house.

Plate - Burtonesque Victorian Gothic Style

Plate - Burtonesque Victorian Gothic Style

Dark, whimsical, classic and elegant all in one design. These unique plates will show off your avant-garde artistic style and add a touch of Burtonian flair to your table. You can also choose any color you like by simply clicking on the 'Customize' button and choose the color that best fits your Halloween theme. They are dishwasher-safe and in vibrant full-color.

Flame-less Candle - Blackthorn Vine

Flame-less Candles - Blackthorn Vine

Add a touch of elegance to any table or mantel with our original Blackthorn Vine design. There's nothing more classic than black and white to dress up any room. These flame-less candles also come in a variety of colors by clicking on the "Customize" button and pick the color you want. They come in 3 different sizes as well.

Flame-less Candle Grey Stripes

Flame-less Candle - Grey Stripes

Our stripe flame-less candles come in Lavender too!

Light Switch Cover Single - Wonderland Floor