So what's new?

Well we'll tell ya... we've been busy expanding our line of products. Now we can offer you EVEN MORE dark delights to Goth up your home! We've also probably been having WAY too much fun doin it, but whatever.

So, here's what's new -

Body Pillow - Spiderweb on Midnight by Dark Decors

Light Switch Cover - Double - Wonderland Floor in Turquoise by Dark Decor

  • Plates - Your dinner plates should be as unique as you are. Many of our new designs allow you to pick the EXACT color you want, so you can coordinate them with any color palette.

Plate  Burtonesque Victorian Gothic Style in Plum by Dark Decors

  • Kitchen Towels - Let's face it, the kitchen is where everyone hangs out at any gathering, so dress it up!

Kitchen Towel - Burtonesque Stripes and Swirls by Dark Decors

  • Pet Beds - We love our fur babies! Choose from indoor or outdoor fabric in two different sizes.

Pet Beds - Wonderland Floor in Grey by Dark Decors

  • Footwear - Specifically FLiP-FLoPs (because Goth kids need Summer gear too!)

Flip Flops - Wonderland Floor Turquoise by Dark Decors

And there you have it! We've been having a grand time devising and designing new and exciting ways to make your life just a little bit darker ;) Stay tuned for upcoming NEW Fall designs for our favorite holiday!

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